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A Letter from David, April 2013

Greetings, friends.

Once again, I took off on another adventure across America, this time spending 60 days on a bus. I zig-zagged back and forth, stopping here and there, checking out all the different communities in this great nation of ours.

I visited the historic sites in Philadelphia, Boston and Washington D.C. (Check out CBS' The Amazing Race finale for a special surprise!) I hiked up to the Hollywood sign in LA and attended Jimmy Wayne's book signing in Nashville.

I met all kinds of people, who had their own stories that touched me.

From New York to Jacksonville, I traveled with a young teen, who was going to start living with his mom. From San Francisco to Seattle, I traveled with a lady, who was going to be reunited with her mom for the first time in ten years.

From El Paso to St. Louis, I traveled with a man with really, long hair, who had a full back tattoo of Jesus on the cross. He said that he got the tattoo so that God would see His Son every time that he was on his knees praying.

His story touched me the most, especially since I knew some of the prejudice and mistreatment that he suffered every day. I, too, have been called a hippy, since I started growing my hair to donate for a wig for someone with cancer.

Please, come to this year's events and support me with my new look!

~ David

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