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Priority Issues

1) Listen to the People.

Listening to the people that you represent is key for long-term peaceful, government stability. Other commissioners have made it their policy to ignore their constituents and limit the amount of time that they have to speak to their elected representatives. However, it has always been my policy to actually listen to and stand up for other people's right to be heard.

For example, I have listened to this community complain about how they have been ignored and disrespected by their representatives. I have personally experienced board members and commissioners starting a time watch and then turning their backs on the public speakers. Because of this, I have decided to run for county commissioner in my district: County Commissioner (Manistee County/7th District).

My strategy is to a) make policy changes that remove time limits, restraining the public from speaking to their representatives; and, b) to follow through with a committment to actually listen to the people and give them a prompt, courteous answer to the best of my ability.

2) Strengthen the Community | 3) Cut Wasteful Spending

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