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Priority Issues

2) Strengthen the Community.

Strengthening the current community infrastructure is key for long-term, organizational stability. Other commissioners have made it their policy to ignore current needs and focus all their attention on the uncertain needs of the future. However, it has always been my policy to first address the concerns at hand and then, after that, build on this strong foundation for the future.

For example, I have joined with five other authors to found the Manistee Writers' Group to meet our current needs by drawing on each of our strengths. Because we focused first on our immediate needs and addressed them as a communal effort, the foundation of our group became strong and solid. From this foundation, we have been able to look toward the future and planned an exciting, successful book expo for northwestern Michigan in early August: Manistee's first Book Expo a success.

My strategy is to a) focus first on everything that our community currently has and needs, including the intangibles; and, b) to use these strengths and assets to address our immediate needs and create a strong foundation to build on.

1) Listen to the People | 3) Cut Wasteful Spending

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