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Holmer Family Storytime

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About this Book

Receiving a ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ review from Florida first-graders on, "Holmer Family Storytime" is an original collection of illustrated children stories and poems, written by four generations of Holmers, and includes:

"I Like Veggies" -- about a boy named Jesse, who has a wild imagination when it comes to eating his vegetables. From beans to zucchini, the color and shape of each vegetable sends Jesse into an exciting world of finding treasure, becoming a giant, having lots of money and more!

"I Like to Walk" -- about a dog named Ian, who has adventures when he goes for a walk with his master. From farm animals to the wild animals of the forest, Ian gets to see all his friends while he gets his exercise.

"Who Are You?" -- about a girl named Sue, who went to a family reunion at her grandparents' house. From a great grandparent to a third cousin, Sue finds out how she is related to all these different people.

- Plus, 2 more stories and 2 poems!
- Full Color Illustrations!
- Large, easy-to-read pages!

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